Alessandro Padovan

Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock


Alessandro Padovan, born on 25.08.1983 in Italy in Borgomanero and living in Divignano, is a qualified mechanical engineer and self-taught artist. He began his art career in 2012 when he founded the "Drill Monkeys Art Duo". He has been working independently since January 2017. "Screw Art" is his special technique: self-tapping screws and acrylic paint on a wooden panel. With this technique, he gives his works a three-dimensional effect and ironically plays with the boundary between sculpture and painting. The screws are placed at different depths, creating different levels on which the figures take shape. Alessandro's Screw Art is not yet very well known, but in recent years he has managed to present his works in galleries, auction houses, art fairs in Italy, abroad and in important charity events.

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The special thing about this work is of course the technique and the three-dimensional effect achieved by screwing in ordinary screws at different depths and painting on them. The result is a contemporary sculptural and painterly work of art. His motifs are topical and provocative and partly inspired by pop art classics.

"Screw Art" is a creative art form that focuses on the use of screws, bolts, nuts, and other metal fasteners to create works of art. Artists who specialize in Screw Art use these materials to create sculptures, paintings and other works of art by combining, arranging and shaping the various metal elements. This unique technique makes it possible to create fascinating textures and three-dimensional effects that give the art a special depth and expressiveness. Screw Art has become a popular form of contemporary art in recent years and attracts art lovers worldwide.

Alessandro Padovan – ScrewArt-Kunst in der Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock.

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