Marc Peschke

Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock


Marc Peschke, born in 1970, lives in Wertheim am Main, Wiesbaden and Hamburg. He studied art history, comparative literature and ethnology in Mainz and works as an art historian, journalist and copywriter, as well as a curator and art consultant for print and online media, PR and advertising agencies, artists, museums, galleries and offices. His topics are art, culture, pop, travel, tourism, design, architecture, literature, film and photography. PR, text, criticism, social media, website, catalog or book.

He also works as a freelance curator and was co-owner and co-founder of the photo art gallery KUNSTADAPTER in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main - as well as the cultural bar WAKKER in Wiesbaden. In Wertheim am Main, he is co-curator of the art space ATELIER SCHWAB.

Since 2008, he has held numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Marc Peschke's artistic works are mostly created on his numerous travels and are represented in various national and international collections. From 2020 to 2022, Marc Peschke realized a highly acclaimed music video project under the name MASCHERA together with other artists. Since 2022 he is co-curator of the Wiesbadener Fototage - Festival for contemporary photo art and documentary photography. Since 2022 Collaboration in the processing of the estate of the artist Leo Leonhard. Since 2024 Collaboration in the processing of the estate of the artist Edith Hultzsch.

Marc Peschke Kunst in der Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock

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