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Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock

Galerie Kunsthaus Weinstock

The gallery is dead – long live the art

Dr. Daniela Weinstock

I am an art historian and worked for a long time in a classical art gallery during my studies and dissertation. My experience was that it was „a hustle and bustle“ at the vernissage and the finissage, but beyond that it was rather quiet. This trend can be observed throughout the industry. That’s why we deliberately decided against a retail store and permanent gallery space. Instead, we rely on pop-up activities, participation in trade fairs, restaurants, events and, of course, our website, where we would like to welcome you. If we are not exhibiting at the moment, we will be happy to welcome you in our premises by appointment and present you a selection from our offer. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us and make an individual appointment.

Art to try

With us you can not only buy art, but also rent or lease. Does the painting really fit in your living room? Do you still like it in half a year? Do you have an office with bare walls or a law firm where something new should hang every now and then? We offer the solution, because with us you can also lease all works and thus try out without risk, what really suits you, regularly present new works to your customers and put yourself in an artistic ambience in scene.
Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

We are glad that you have found your way to us and that we could arouse your curiosity.
Yours, Dr. Daniela Weinstock

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