Stare #04

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Marco Stirn, award-winning art photographer, has been working since 1998 in a 300m2 roof loft reminiscent of the first photographers' studios in Paris. The 80-year-old wooden beams and the high ridge glazing also give the studio a particularly cozy atmosphere. Since then, he has been organizing and photographing with the mission of making people and viewers happier. Aesthetic quality and uniqueness are his trademarks and he passionately photographs and conceives complete visual worlds.

His fotostudio9 is an established name for professional work for companies and events in Wiesbaden, the surrounding area and far beyond, and yet he has always retained his fine sense of genuine art. He processes his "Stare" series in modern formats such as printing on Aludibond, but also in a very traditional way, using painstaking craftsmanship on baryta paper with hand-cut passe-partouts and carefully selected frames.
A year in Aix-en-Provence/France (1989), where the extraordinary light inspired him to take photographs, had a formative influence on his life. Later, he spent a year traveling through Brazil in an old VW Beetle. The joy of life and the colorful art of the Afro-Brazilian population allowed him and his photography to blossom completely.

In 1999 Marco Stirn won the 1st prize of the Kodak Large Format Award and a motif from the series "Flying People" was issued in the form of a stamp in Canada on the occasion of the "IV'es Jeux de la Francophonie" in 2001.

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Stare #04


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About the work

Work title: Starlings #04
Type: Photography
Artist: Marco Stirn (Germany)
Edition: 9
Size: 40x30cm

Processing: print in 16.8×11.2cm on baryta paper, in passe-partout and wooden frame
Artwork number: F-2001
Price: 320€ gross, plus shipping

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